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Hi guys! Six months into this blog’s existence, the time has come for me to ask you, my loyal readers, for your support to help keep The C Is for Crank thriving and expanding. Go to my Patreon account and sign up to be a monthly patron at whatever level you like to support the journalism and commentary that only happens here.
Since founding The C Is for Crank in early 2015, I’ve brought you insightful reports on what’s really happening at city hall, in-depth analysis of the planning and land use decisions that will shape Seattle and the region, deep dives on transportation policy and politics, and full-length interviews with candidates and elected officials about the issues that matter at City Hall.
I’ve broken news about Socialist city council member Kshama Sawant’s travel budget, explained why urbanists don’t participate in city politics, brought you exclusive, insightful interviews with leaders like Mayor Ed Murray, and shown you what the candidates are telling neighbors at campaign forums all around the city.

As local media in Seattle contracts and publications increasingly choose to throw analysis and insight overboard, The C Is for Crank aims to elevate the discussion and bring you behind the scenes to places no one else will take you, to get the story behind the story, and to bring you breaking news and interviews that surpass anything you’ll find on other media outlets.

To do that, and to continue bringing you new, fresh content several times a week, I need your support. My expenses include web hosting, travel costs, records fees, and, most of all, my time. Bringing this site to you is the equivalent of a full-time job, and I need your help to make this project sustainable and to expand and improve the work I do here.

If you’ve ever learned anything you didn’t know from The C Is for Crank, found your perspective validated or challenged here, or enjoyed an insight from one of my posts digging into campaign finance reports or sitting down with an elected official or wannabe elected official, please keep this going by supporting me at whatever level you can.

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  1. I would like to donate but monthly transactions mean 12x the bookkeeping work for me. Do you have a PO box I can just send a check to?

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