Erica C. Barnett is a feminist, an urbanist, and an obsessive observer of politics, transportation, and the quotidian inner workings of City Hall. She has been a writer and editor since the time of electric typewriters, at publications such as Huffington Post, the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Shakesville, the Austin Chronicle, and many more. Right now, she is walking around the city.

Contact: erica@publicola.com.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 14328, Seattle, WA 98104.


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  1. Why do you censor comments? Just curious. I tried to post a comment and it never was published and I couldn’t find the community guidelines for commenting to see if I’d inadvertently violated a guideline???

  2. My sincere apologies. I knew I had seen your byline before.. but I get wrapped up in my little bubble over here in West Seattle. You are a wonderful, insightful, clear eyed writer who talks like an adult. Thank you. Good stuff Erica.

  3. I podcast Week In Review today. Generally I enjoy the show and you are make great contributions to the discussion when you are on the show and today finally got around to checking out your blog and think that I will become a regular reader.

    A thought about Friday’s program.

    Bill Bryant is a clown. He made the statement that most or many democrats – particularly those outside of Seattle – are disgusted with Democrat’s lunge to left and that liberals are masking over the reality that people are not happy with either party.

    He was asked what democrats were dissatisfied with.

    He answered by saying that the Washington’s state government is driven by the Seattle agenda.

    When was asked to describe the Seattle agenda he answered that it is either code or a dog whistle.

    Asked by you to explain, he replied that it is not his job to go out and figure out what that means.

    What a civic leader and what a jerk.

  4. I’ve been a huge fan of yours and am always happy when you are on The Record/The Week in Review. Today, though, I think you went astray. A man holding his hands two inches above a woman’s breasts is making a joke that I find funny (I am a woman who has been sexually harassed over the years). It’s clear to me that Al thought he was being funny but he just made a horrible mistake in putting his hands on and tongue in the woman. The comments of his staff speak to his normal behavior. If no other claims surface, I think you should reexamine your view of him.

    As for my own history, I was at the Legislature, had the presence of mind to protest to the leadership who took INSTANT action. Ditto when I worked in a kitchen at a resort in the Catskills. There was one other incident where I did not have the courage to protest, but I was determined not to let it ruin my life and it didn’t.

    My view is that almost every truly great artist has been wacko in his/her personal life, and we are ending creativity by demanding that artists (even comics) be perfect human beings.

  5. Hi Erica,

    Thank you for your contributions to KUOW’s Week in Review. It’s a thought-provoking listen.

    Forgive me if I’m misquoting you, but this week you expressed dismay over the growing extremism in the republican party, and also your hope that moderate republicans would return to Washington because you hope to have a “worthy opponent”.

    Can we please stop calling that prospect a “worthy opponent”? It implies that they will always be the opposition, regardless of what they do or say. I think such an attitude contributes in large part to the growing political divide, and then to the growing extremism among republicans. In short, it makes the problem worse.

    I hope that some day (maybe the “Trump-fallout” election cycle?) I have a genuinely difficult decision to make, not a worthy opponent to vote against.

    Just my two cents,
    Optimistic Seattlite


  7. You seem to have fewer posts here and more twittering. I saw you at Q.A. meeting yesterday, so I thought I’d check out what you twittered.

    “Fremont’s Thaler: I’ve applied twice to be on Planning Commission, but haven’t been picked bc selection process isn’t “democratic.””

    That is not what I said. I said I did not even get an interview either time; I learned that the process has become undemocratic because the SPC has become a self-selecting body. Why? Because the Council and Mayor who are by the law the appointing entities do not pick who gets interviewed or selected. The staff and sitting SPC members do it—that’s called a self-perpetuating body and it is contrary to the purpose and intent of the City when the SPC was created. Marty Kaplan, who served on the SPC for 8 years, expressed surprise when he heard my description of SPC member selection process.

    Please don’t twit my comments if you can’t do it accurately. Or at least ask me what I said if you don’t understand. I guess doing “real time” tweeting is more important than real reporting.

  8. I really wonder would all those women on the City Council voted that way
    if it was the Seattle Storm.

    Councilmember Sawant I know was heavily lobbied by women in labor.

  9. HI Erica, on the show you mentioned that some people believe that god should run the supreme court. What do you mean by that?

    1. No, I don’t… and neither do many people I know, unfortunately. I live paycheck to paycheck like so many others (I would guess far more than half, since a couple thousand bucks, squirreled away, is barely enough to make near the median rent in Seattle, much less pay bills, if you lose your job).

      1. Hi Erica. Keep your chin up. When I was your age, what you describe was the only way of life I had. More than once I had to move – and I mean move in with friends – because I couldn’t make the rent, even with a job. It’ll turn around if you are positive in outlook and seek a path that will help your boat float. In this world of plenty, most is retained by the few, and they are not about to give it away because they are argued out of it. It’s a tough world, but an intelligent person can get out of the trap if they keep at it. It does take time and honest assessment of one’s own choices. Best wishes.

  10. I heard you on the KUOW week in review program. You accused people who noted that Trudeau’s hair looks good of insulting women by feminizing (I think that was your word) him. Did Molly Ivens strike a blow against the Sisterhood by calling Rick Perry Governor Goodhair? Just wondering.

    1. Actually, what I said was that the subtext when people make fun of a male politician for his hair is that by paying attention to his hair, or having “pretty” hair at all, they are mocking the fact that he seems feminine, and therefore frivolous and vain like a woman. The insult is that he is woman-like, which is of course the lowest class of human being. So, nothing about directly insulting women, plenty about how we feminize men and throw that at them as an insult so obvious we don’t even have to say, “It’s because you’re acting like a GIRL!” (See also: Every slur against gay men.)

      Oh, and Molly Ivins’ offhand one-word descriptor (as opposed to the volumes that have been written about Trudeau the Pretty Boy) is not a term I would probably use, but then again, that was 15 years ago and she was of a different generation.

      1. Trudeau has nice hair, he is not “woman-like”, he was elected. Not sure why you are against women????

      2. I dunno, it just seems like a very general reflection of a society obsessed with good looks and youth -regardless of gender. Maybe as a gay 20-something I’m culturally/temporally biased, but I’ve never taken hullaballoos like this to mean anything other than people like to look at and talk about notoriously attractive humans. We are all pretty damn vain (whether about physical traits or something else), it’s just that some of us don’t want to admit it. And, I’ve certainly never thought that saying a dude has ‘good hair’ is feminizing, but maybe that’s a generational thing.

  11. Hi Erica. Thank you for putting my thoughts to words about the homeless encampment debacle here in Ballard. You are right, this is a complex, yet classist issue. The vitriol spewing during these ‘discussions’ make me ashamed of my neighbors.
    Additionally, I find the plan to house on the worst, by definition of health, piece of land has me thinking this is yet another form of crapping on our homeless. None of us would live in a spot used as a pesticide and heavy metal dump. Why should they?

    1. Amy, maybe invite some of the homeless to live in your house. You could probably provide a clean healthy invironment for them quite nicely. It would be a big help. It would also show by example. Become part of the social experiment.

  12. I hope this is on your radar…I didn’t catch it until last night since the posts did not go to Next Door or to members of the Lakewook Community Club…Who the heck is running anyway. I want to read your take…

    Seattle City Council District 2 Candidates Forum 22h ago
    Jeannie O’Brien from Lakewood
    Aren’t you getting tired of these warm summer-like evenings out in the yard, in the park, and on the water 🙂 ? Time to get back inside! Please join us for tomorrow night’s historic candidates forum – this is the first time Seattle city council candidates will be elected by district since the early 1900s. 7:00 p.m. at LSPCC, Tuesday, June 9th, 50th and Angeline. Eric Scigliano of Cross Cut is moderating. See you there!

  13. Good morning Erica,

    I faithfully podcast KUOW’s WEEK IN REVIEW and have noted the following on each of your appearances.
    You have a verbal tic that distracts me (I can not know for anyone else) from the content of your message. “ya know” and “uhmmm” seems to be included in your every sentence. I do not see this in your writing.
    Don’t be offended. No…I’m not perfect but I welcome observations from others that I can consider.
    Best regards,

      1. Wow! Pretty sexist comment by knharpe. Take it easy and give yourself a break. Maybe set down that chip you have on your shoulder. I thought Gregg was constructively trying to help Erica.

      2. I write to anyone one who places themselves on audio/video media with distractive delivery. Listen to the evening news. Do any of them have verbal tics as I described? In my opinion, it is analogous to reading a newspaper article filled with misspellings and poor grammar. Distracts from the message.

  14. Erica,

    Just listening to last week’s Week in Review – Great replies on the “symbolic gesture” brush-off about the Shell Oil drilling actions by Todd. And for your story about being peppersprayed while covering past Mayday events.

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