Here’s What You Get for Your Contributions

TL;DR? That’s okay—here’s how to give!

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve ramped up coverage here at the Crank.

I’ve brought you new features like Morning Crank, a regular early-morning roundup of exclusive news and gossip from City Hall and beyond.

I’ve published exclusive interviews like this week’s conversation with homelessness consultant Barb Poppe, whose eponymous report is the basis for the city’s homelessness plan, Pathways Home, and the mayor’s proposed $275 million levy for homeless services..

I’ve spent countless nights reporting from far-flung neighborhood meetings on neighborhood, city, and national issues, live-tweeting and providing stories and analysis on issues from homelessness in Greenwood to light rail opposition on Mercer Island to hate speech at the University of Washington.

I’ve done deep, analytical dives into complicated issues that few reporters explore at more than surface level, including the homelessness levy, which I’ve dissected in detail in recent posts and will continue to follow closely until the election in August.

And I’ve broken big stories, including the news this week that the city has reached a settlement in a dispute about the surface street on the waterfront, agreeing to narrow the 102-foot-wide surface highway to 79 feet by eliminating transit lanes once light rail opens in West Seattle in 2033.

In the coming months, I’ll be doing even more in this space. But I need your help to make that happen. This blog is run entirely on donations. What that means, in very practical terms, is that in addition to expenses like the Car2Go I use to get to last-minute meetings and the five bucks here and ten bucks there I spend on coffee interviews and public records, my paycheck—my ability to keep doing the work I do here at The C Is for Crank—depends on contributions from readers like you. So if you enjoy reading this website, and can afford to pay a little each month to keep it going, please become a sustaining supporter. Thanks for reading, and for your ongoing support.