An End-of-Year Appeal

As the year draws to a close, and The C Is for Crank approaches its first anniversary, I want to take the opportunity to thank all  of you beautiful wonks and nerds who keep this site going by donating, reading, and sharing this site.

Next year, I resolve to continue bringing you breaking news and stories that aren’t getting covered anywhere else, thoughtful interviews with local politicians and policy-shapers, and sharp analysis of what’s happening in the city, including the backstories that provide insight into what’s really going on at City Hall.

To do all that, I need your help. This site costs money. In addition to the obvious–hosting fees, the cost to travel around the city (Car2Go is convenient, but it ain’t cheap!), and the new laptop I’m hoping to buy to replace my seven-year-old model this year–my time has value. Each month, I devote many unpaid hours to bring you the stories and analysis you’ve come to expect here. As  you’re making your holiday gift list this year, please consider dropping a few bucks into my Patreon stocking to help this site keep going and growing in 2016.

Thanks so much for reading The C Is for Crank and for contributing whatever you can as a monthly subscriber to this site.


And, if you need another reason to support your favorite Crank, remember: Supporting women’s work with money is a feminist issue. And I truly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “An End-of-Year Appeal”

  1. Erica, you have my support on Patreon. Please keep your supporters posted on the new laptop acquisition. Maybe some of us can help with that.

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