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Snapshots from Election Night

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Tim Ceis, David Meinert, Sandeep Kaushik

I was up until way past midnight hanging out with politicos (including Mayor Ed Murray) and tweeting my insta-thoughts about the primary election results last night, so my post on the results, and what they mean specifically for the Housing and Livability Agenda recommendations, will come later. For anyone curious about what I had to say last night, I’ve put together a Storify of my tweets from last night.

Roger Valdez, Mayor Ed Murray

The upcoming  general election promises some extreme contrasts (Jon Grant vs. Tim Burgess), some Sophie’s choices (Rob Johnson v. Michael Maddux) and some death-throe snoozers (Lorena Gonzalez v. Bill Bradburd). I’ll have more to say about all that as well, later today and in the coming months.